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Monday, April 04, 2005
Interminable Half-Time Report
I am watching the Illini game since it's the law in Illinois, and there is a no-knock policy where your old gym teacher can break down the door and arrest you if you're not watching.

This doesn't look like the same team I saw on Saturday, is all I'm saying right now. Perhaps the hype got to them.

Good evening friends, even those from North Carolina. Nothing much to report. Did a slight amount of printing this morning -- put lips on The Face via a xerox transfer just to see what it really looks like beyond the digital sketch, and looks, well, interesting. Can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Will post it later, perhaps, once I hit "undo" enough times to get the original scan back.

And I must apologize for not going down to the SAIC BFA show that Dan at Iconoduel told everyone I'd be reviewing. Because of my schedule, probably won't get down there until Thursday. Sorry, all.

Well, the game has started again, and I must watch or else be fined. Later.

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