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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Not Jessie!

Send Scott home! Send the blond boy home, whatever his name is.

Oh, well. As the field dwindles it becomes easier to watch Alias at the same time.

Huge thunderstorms and hail and rain and wind and lightning since the moment I opened the door this evening and stepped inside. I'm so surprised I wasn't caught downtown unprotected, without a paddle, so to speak. Electric keeps dipping in and out, so computer now on battery to avoid frying, should a bolt hit me. Luckily nothing has taken out the Wi-Fi hotspot, whereever it is.

Have 10 faces now. Want many more to play with and trash. Probably print again on Friday, stay inside here and paint tomorrow, since it's supposed to rain all day. So will probably check in a few times during the day with interesting items for you. Once again neglected to bring even a single proof home with me to scan in, so you'll just have to trust me.

A big sheet of Rives BFK yields 5 or 6 stone-sized prints, but always get so mingy about buying good paper, then end up doing my best work on shit paper that no one wants and I eventually trash.

So. The face is getting pink lips and nose first while I work out the logistics of separating the other stuff out and generating stencils for them. So much problem-solving! Yummy!

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