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Thursday, March 24, 2005
A Pat on the Back
... to Atrios, who has brought joy to his 50 millionth (or is it billionth?) visitor and lives to tell about it. (Needless to say, still working on my first million).

A chill fog out there. Once again, the camera is in the car and I'm in here with my slippers, so can't show you. When I got up earlier, I couldn't see across the street, thought I should go out to the lake and have a look, but as I said, I'm in here with my slippers:

This is a shot from when my slippers were young.

Have been screwing around with links and ads again in a hopeless attempt to create a better, useful, and more attractive blog without actually learning a lot of HTML. The corner picture is getting a little dusty too, so may swap it out soon. May do a painting of the slippers today, since I have no other life.

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