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Saturday, March 19, 2005
Two Years and Counting
... and nothing has changed, except the lives of tens of thousands... hundreds of thousands.... how many? Will we ever know?

So. I'm still against the war on Iraq. Or Syria, or Iran, or wherever Bush plans to take us next. And against the war on America, too -- our rights, our bodies, our security, our resources. This is Shock and Awe at its finest.

Here's what I wrote last year. And here too.

Reading through these old entries (and remembering the one that got lost to the Wi-Fi -- trust me, it really was good writing), and all of the entries from last year leading up to the election -- was I really that certain that this little blog could make a change, and that what I wrote about mattered? Many entries are so embarrassing now it's like reading through my diary from high school. But it was all me, and I guess still is.

The sad thing is that a year from now I'll probably be adding this entry to the list. Nothing will have changed. We'll still be in Iraq. Bush will still be in office. But we must battle on, nonetheless.

As an aside, is it possible that it's been a year since Kevin Drum has given up catblogging? Luckily Atrios has stepped up to the plate.

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