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Friday, March 18, 2005
Yarny Goodness
Here at the Knew Yorker, Lauren Collins writes about the Yarn Bus
To the well-worn list of the comparative advantages of suburban life—bigger houses, lower taxes, safer schools—the inhabitants of Westchester County have recently added another: better knitting. For this civic coup they can thank Kevin Lundeen and Elise Goldschlag, who live in the historic river town of Irvington and are the proprietors of Flying Fingers, a yarn store that carries hard-to-find brands [...] But persuading New York knitters to make the forty-five-minute trip up the Hudson has been a harder sell. And so, to render the reverse commute sufficiently enticing, Lundeen, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, and Goldschlag, his wife, conceived of the Yarn Bus, offering free shuttle service between Irvington and Manhattan.
And you thought I'd never write about knitting again, either...

The gray sweater still sits in a pile at the end of the couch, occasionally blinking, silently disapproving.

Temperature rising a bit today -- at least mist is rising directly from sun on the remains of yesterday's snow. Off to paint -- may hit some openings later on. Particularly want to see "Cheerful Art for Dismal Days," work by kickass printmaker Warrington Colescott at Perimeter (site hasn't been updated in hundreds of years)* and Ann Wiens at Byron Roche.

*UPDATE: Site now has a whole bunch of Colescott watercolors and prints on it.

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