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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Election Dates
Just a reminder that deadlines are approaching for local elections here in Cook County. And a reminder too that your local elections -- school board, alderman, misc. referendums -- are the ones that affect you personally in a big way, and so you should educate yourself on the candidates and hustle yourself to the polls.

Also, be aware that this year election day falls during school break in many communities. If you are planning on being away, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE ABSENTEE.

If you voted in November, you didn't move or change your name, YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED. I'm sorry I didn't scream out a warning last week about this, but was too caught up in my own little art world.

It's important. This is when they try to sneak far-right candidates onto the school board and into local politics because they think we're not watching.

BUT WE ARE WATCHING, and will never stop again, right? Er... or is it, left? Er... how about, correct?

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