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Monday, March 07, 2005
Christopher Schneberger at SFAC
I missed his recent installation/photography at Flatfile, which got at least one good review. In "Community Spirits," Chris continues in his persona as a Victorian photographer of the border between this world and elsewhere in a series of tintypes (in actuality on aluminum, I think). Here, the ghost story is about a governess who haunts the young man who used to be in her charge, now all grown up and armed with Ouiji board, etc. in attempt to make contact. Would have liked to see a bit more edge in these characters and actions, but maybe that's part of it. They are nothing special. The young man, in fact, seems quite bland.

Chris's work continues to advance technically. I know nothing about photography, but some of his older work seemed a bit clumsily forced together. These pieces whisper. The presentation is airy as well, generously spaced around the gallery walls. I recognized only one of his backgrounds this time (a scene shot at the Evanston Art Center, where Chris teaches, that has a distinctive curving staircase). He often uses his friends as actors.

On display also is a wonderful little ViewMaster album (remember those?). I must check my trunk of old toys and see if I still have mine, and then I might buy this little piece.

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