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Monday, February 28, 2005
A Little Housekeeping
Have been rearranging the links again, separating Chicago art blogs and sites into their own category. I hope Mayor Daley appreciates the civic pride that has gone into it. I will leave the main lists of every possible arts organizations to others, notably Dan at Iconoduel, the Dean of us all, and Erik the Magnificent at EC Brown's Index, which has been rearranged for easier use, all of us alphabetically side by side by side by side by side... by side by side (keep scrolling). Yes, I'm there. See if you can find me.

Any other Chicago area art bloggers out there posting fairly regularly? Have found a few sites that seem to be moribund. Only Fresh stuff here.

As to you other art blogs, I can't keep up, so don't assume I don't love you. Told myself I'd paint today, but instead am rearranging links. This is why you're not on my page, because I have to stop this shit and get on with it. Will make another pass later. Don't worry.

And I have an Artist's Statement (shudder) to write too. Ugh. The ritual sucks.

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