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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Quick Art Finale
Just a few final words about a couple of other shows over in West Loop Gate. But first I note that the synchronicity continues between Fresh Paint and Fallon and Rosof, also writing about daffodils. The Borg is real.

Bodybuilder and Sportsman has paintings by Jeff McMahon who continues to create white-bordered mocks of every art style conceivable. The current exhibit is hokey paintings of a ship at sea, from dawn to dusk, in gradations of dark to light to dark again around a corner of the room, left to right, paintings placed about three inches apart, across a wall to the corner (noon!), then turning and coming toward you. I didn't get snaps of them, but you get the idea. They could have fit with the multiples show across Peoria at Aron Packer and Walsh very easily. In fact, this show is called "Plurals." I find this guy's work very interesting, in that he's found a way to indulge his obvious love of paint in an acceptable post-modern framework (literally). I am often jealous looking at his stuff.

Gabriel Fowler (and Oli Watt, who mounted the prints) have digital images of crumpled paper. I liked them before I asked and found out what they were all about. Ah, well.

Finally, Wendy Cooper has an assortment of good and interesting painters (and one interesting sculptor). I was unfamiliar with every artist in the room, a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I urge people to check out this gallery regularly. It shows work that usually looks like no other in Chicago, in that the talent is often raw and strong and not overly packaged, though not self-consciously arty (unlike Three Walls, a gallery that rarely works for me). Unfortunately, I arrived at the gallery (in same building on Peoria with BB & S, above) at the moment that 2 mink-coated and makeup-ed women with three or four younger types (one possibly had work hanging in the show) were exclaiming over the stuff. I sensed a sale or two in the air, so figured I could only screw things up by remaining, and so slipped away. The show is up thru March 12, so I may go back.

Off to the SAIC Ox-Bow Benefit later today. I hope someone has cleared the sidewalk since Saturday. (Those with weak stomachs will not want to click here). There. I warned you.

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