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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Measuring the Subject
Measuring the Subject

Knee under waist
Ankle under shoulder blade
Heel under buttocks
Toe under elbow and armpit.
Ankle under wrist
Knee under nipple.
Position of hand locates toe.
Locates elbow.
Locates nipple.
Line thru nipples emerges.

Er, I suppose it's what the kids call a "found poem," since it's phrases taken from the illustration above. In the print studio today we tried to act this out and see if it's true.

Good evening, people. I may (or may not) be working on something from this deconstructed woman. I don't know where this came from (I found it pinned to the wall outside my old studio a few years ago), and I've been carrying it around for awhile. It seems to be from the 40s, if you look at the hair style and the high heels. The sighting rules are valid, of course, but you could draw something completely different by following them, and perhaps I shall.

My first attempt didn't do so well. I've been away from printing for awhile, this is a new shop, and it feels like I've never done this before. Also, when everyone else around you is so much better you just have to buck up and learn. Working outside the comfort zone is a good thing.

Don't even dare show you the mess I made. But it's exciting, in a way. Don't know why I suddenly want to do naked people again. Keep saying I'm going to post my figurative series over at my works on paper page, but never do.

Oh, well. It's cold and don't know what I'm doing, so perhaps will come back to this particular comfy zone later. Or not.

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