Fresh Paint
Thursday, February 10, 2005
Actual Painting
... as always, in progress:

Right now it's called "Penis Fish," because of the penis (and the fish). Guess I still have Larry Lee's installation and Cathy's wedding still in mind.

I got tired of still life, sick of cray-pas lakes, landscapes, and just about everything else I've ever done. So since who cares anyway, will do a few of these for awhile.

Am struggling with a few things right now: 1) what to print when I start lithography, and 2) what to donate to the Ox-Bow benefit this year.

And 3), the usual.

You may remember my posting of this image back last summer or spring (don't have energy to find it):

I think they belong to the same family.

Now that you mention it, I did do an etching of the above -- it was a panel in a series I was working on called "Comics for Trees," imagining that landscape elements needed something to help while away the time. I will try to find it. The group I was printing with at the time really, really hated it, and discouraged me from continuing with it, so I think I only printed a few proofs.

But at least I'm not just sitting around.

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