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Monday, February 07, 2005
Super Monday
Since the Cubs are closer to winning the Superbowl than the Bears, I'm afraid I haven't paid much attention to winter sports for the last decade or so. I know, they say the team is "rebuilding" but if true, they should be in passing range of the moon by now, not that they could ever score a completion.

Sacred Female Superbowl Rites (including but not limited to the Debagging of the Chips, the Planning and Construction of the Tower of Seven Dips, the Parting of the Chili Sea, etc.) kept me hopping yesterday.

While other games can be viewed in depressing lonliness, no companion other than the remote, a six-pack, and enough cash to tip the delivery guy, either you watch the Superbowl in a group or not at all.

The following are only a few of the things you must suffer when you're the member of the group with the good big screen TV (not me! not me!): endless cleaning, endless pre-game shows, something you are fond of will break, and over-excited children (I'm talking about the short variety, not the taller ones, though they can get pretty whiney too). So you must stand shoulder to shoulder with your sisters as best you can, especially the one from Philadelphia.

On the plus side, I have only half a sleeve to go on the Gray Sweater, then knit the Neck.

Be back later with some thoughts on the "Politic of a Moment" show at the Evanston Art Center which closes this week, I hope think.

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