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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Our 51st State
Rice Says Iraqi Election Exceeds Expectations
Bush had sought to declare victory before the polls even opened by arguing that just the fact that Iraqis are voting means success.
He said that about Ohio and Florida, too.

But we're not talking about elections this morning, friends. We're talking about doughnuts.

Woke yesterday with a taste for them and so drove out to get a dozen. Spent the rest of the day attempting to not eat the entire dozen. These things are like crack cocaine, and they (the Dunkin' Donut variety) aren't even that good.

Managed to resist, because I kept tellng myself that I wanted a few for breakfast this morning. Yes I did, but neglected to remember that I was out of coffee.

So just ate the last four, hard, stale, coffee-less.

This is the still-life I started before the last Big Freeze shut down the studio:

Spent yesterday futzing with the dark line on the left, removing and putting it back in via Photoshop, trying to figure out why I like it there, yet trying to not fall in love with it as a picture element.

I used to do that a lot, why I have a perfectly painted ear on a horrible studio nude, and have kept the canvas, or an elbow that recedes, rather than comes forward next to a well-painted philodendron leaf.

I'm letting it stay for now and will just move on.

Heartened by a little sun yesterday I hauled out a bunch of panels and gessoed them on the sawhorses in my tiny side yard. But then the temperature dropped, the panels didn't dry, so I have slobbers of gesso all over the house now where I propped them up.

Must go and collect them, get some coffee, and start the day now.

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