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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Both Knerdie and Knittie At Same Time
...or rather, crochettey: A Gallery of Crocheted Hyperbolic Models

Includes the patterns! Not hard to convert to knitting!

(all this via Newsgrist, who also has a link to a wonderful VW spoof ad).

If you're interested in crocheted sculpture, look no further than Yvette Kaiser Smith, whose work can be seen many places in the Chicago area. I first ran into it at a show a few years back (maybe last year, who knows with time these days?) at NIU.

Good afternoon, folks. Have been doing errands, this and that, and clenching fists at the stupidity of the Bush Administration. My representative Jan Schakowsky has issued a statement endorsing the pullout of troops from Iraq and I am tending to agree. "It is clear that for stability to replace chaos, a political and not a military resolution is required," she says. This should always have been the first choice, but will never be the first choice with Freedom Rider George in charge.

Let's see how Condi and her boyfriend get themselves out of this one now. I have no idea how we can stop their killing spree.

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