Fresh Paint
Sunday, January 23, 2005
...but still not tip-top.

Got the driveway shovelled by myself, however, since I really didn't know who to call to do it for me, and I figured that after lying on the couch for a day I needed the exercise. Took nearly 3 hours, but is done, though just heard a scraping machine go by, so may have to do some touch ups tomorrow. Front of the house is still snowed in, howver. Sorry, everyone. Will fix it tomorrow.

Only slipped and fell twice, once in a pile of snow that was so soft and fluffy it was hard to get myself oriented and back up again -- like in a cartoon, with feet flailing and slipping and arms cartwheeling. Should have just laid back and made a snow angel, but I wasn't amused at the moment.

Figure there's about 18 inches of snow in the middle of the yard where it all blew, maybe 12 inches elsewhere. The ice block of the driveway had closer to 30 inches I had to get through.

So this is the update. Brain still feels like it's stuffed with toilet paper. Still have a lot of art I wanted to write about from the Milwaukee trip, but have no mental capacities at the moment. Have to try eating something again and see how it goes.

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