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Saturday, January 22, 2005
I am, that is. Started with a little nausea last night and erupted later (literally) into full-blown whoopsiness for hours and hours until I finally fell asleep. On waking, tried some water and discovered it was NOT a good idea, so steadied myself for another bout. Have just now tried again, and everything seems to be staying down, but I'm not planning on watching Fear Factor any time soon.

Suppose being sick coudn't happen on a better day. A blizzard is raging out back with lake effect snow (we rarely get it here) zipping down from the north and dumping in my driveway, on top of the snow packed in by the plows. Have a feeling that I may actually pay someone to dig me out for the first time. Doesn't everyone know that this is what boyfriends are for? (Why did you leave me, why?)

Don't think I'll try any of the taco soup for breakfast, and the grapenuts will act as sand paper, but may try a bite of banana and some tea.

So if you don't see me again for awhile, this is why.

UPDATE: It was still a little early for solid food. I've cleaned it up, tho.

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