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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
New Clothes
Most of you out there will not think well of me when I try to get away with bloggery about shopping, but the last time I shopped for myself was to buy a pair of black art-opening pants about five years ago that I've been wearing to every single event ever since -- the events I don't wear my ten year old jeans to, that is.

But then most of you don't have the astonishing variety of clothes in all possible sizes that I have (none of them my current size), all of them covered with paint or worse. I have no "good" work clothes, since my last office job was in a company that made Casual Friday look positively stuffy.

To you, shopping for clothes is likely one of the pleasures of life. You are likely tall and thin. While not precisely fat, there is a certain heaviness to my shadow that waxes in concert with unregulated orgies of donut eating.

But I received a generous gift certificate for Christmas and figured I better haul it in before the last of the winter sales was over. So, by contributing some of my own ducats, I ended up with 3 shirts and a weird sweater with shaggy things and gold stuff running through it, plus jeans and 2 pairs of earrings. It damn well better stay cold for a long, long time.

Those of you planning to go the opening at SFAC this Friday may actually see me wearing some of this stuff, though possibly with the black pants. I couldn't find a new pair that wasn't created for someone 16 feet tall, 2 inches wide, with no crotch. As it is, I'll probably have to do something to the hem on the jeans, since I refuse to look like a dork and turn the cuffs up almost to the knee, like some of you folks do these days.

So, must go and try them on here at home and see what they look like in these mirrors, then hang them up.

Then the hard part: find someplace to wear them, and not feel foolish doing so.

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