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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
A Lot of Swearing
WTF you may be asking have I been doing all day? Artistic things? Knit-istic things? WTF is going on with this blog, anyway?

Friends, I got the notice from the city ordering me to clear my sidewalk within 2 hours else Dread Things (unnamed) would happen, but hinting at arrest and incarceration, and possibly big fines. The arrest and incarceration I could probably deal with (assuming I had access to the internet and could blog about it) but the fines are another thing. You may think I'm a rich lady of leisure, but I'm just like you -- unemployed.

So have been salting and chopping and creating those ankle deep puddles we all love so well rather than let the 4 inches of ice disappear in a more gradual, natural manner, subsiding gently while maintaining a firm surface.

This was my thinking, at least. Always looking out for sidewalk-walkers. You may remember that the Big Storm that dumped about 14 inches of snow here coincided with me getting sick, and that I did manage to completely clear the back portion of the house (unlike my 2 neighbors). And I did clear away a good amount of fresh snow (well, 4 or 5 inches, at least) as it was happening.

So I must go out and get more salt before it gets dark and people start slipping and falling all over the place. If you're one of them, please thank the city. And I'm sorry about your wet ankles.

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