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Friday, February 04, 2005
But I Looked Hot
... and that's the important thing.

The first clue should have been 2 school busses of young people pouring into the SFAC building and a goodly number of high school orchestra types sawing away merrily at Brahms (I think).

The second clue should have been cheese, but NO WINE.

What happened was this: at the last minute they postponed the opening for the 12 x 12 show reception until Feb 11 in favor of hosting more teen art than I thought existed any longer. The show is the Deerfield High School art department, and a more exuberant, outgoing bunch of work you'll never see.

I mean it. Forget about the small (and in contrast) largely small-minded adult art in the side gallery and check out the kids. I'm going back when I can take notes and snaps. Being teens, they're particularly good at self-portraits. The room was so packed and loud and I couldn't find the grownup in charge (some guy named Moran) to ask questions. I assume much of the work was assigned, but the variety was wonderful, especially giant faces, generally on dark good-quality paper in pastel and perhaps tempera, quite Katz-like. Tiny miniatures in shrine-like golden frames were of astonishing variety and skill, and will require a closer look. And while there was a lot of simple, youthful "expression", a half-dozen or so of the young artists show real, sophisticated, and one hopes, lasting talent.

Yes, the 12 x 12 show is up and it does look good. But I wish I could have hung my work in the other room.

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