Fresh Paint
Thursday, February 10, 2005
Major Operations Complete
... on the Gray Sweater. No pix yet. Just found the battery charger (you were wondering whether I'd lost my camera, right? Since have just been blogging miles and miles of text lately?), so should have something up in a few hours. I just remembered that I can also draw power off the computer to run the camera, but that would mean lugging it around.

Bright and shiny out today, but cold. Big news is that Prince Charles is getting married. I shook his hand once when he visited the University of Chicago, and even wrote about it. I was teaching a composition course at the time and felt I owed it to my students. I recall it was a stellar example of the 5 paragraph personal essay, a precursor to modern-day bloggings. Lucky for you, I can't find it in any of my boxes.

This is an ominous sign. Just last week, I am told, Cathy wed, defying all odds for the dumpy, over-30, -40, possibly -50 lonelyhearts out there. There's something wrong with a universe in which this is allowed to happen just before Valentine's Day, the day more of us think about suicide than any other (just joking, I think...).

So will stop this grim talk and get back to the sweater, or paint, or something before I start drinking.

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