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Friday, February 11, 2005
SFAC 12 x 12 Show
Back from reception for the 12 x 12 show again. You'll recall I went to it last week in error and found a whole lot of high school kids, and liked their art much better than mine.

Ran into Sharon Swidler, who had a piece similar to the first one from this link in the show, though collaged with Egyptian-looking birds, all alike. We had the same response to the high schoolers, and to the wine that ran out too fast. The cheese was nearly gone by the time I got there. People were stuffing themselves with Brie as though they were starved for fat content, and perhaps were.

I find it an odd show in that it's probably more inclusive than exclusive. Some wonderful plain old painting, and very few assemblages that seem to have been created simply for the show, and the fact it had to fit into a 12 x 12 format, so it better be chock full of art.

Tired, but feel pretty good. Didn't win any awards or anything, but was nice to talk to some of the people whose work I liked, and discover we all felt like we were in the same boat, and couldn't figure out why these particular pieces were picked. (These are my 2, from the lake project):

Didn't have notebook or camera, and was in socializing mode, so sorry for the vagueness of this review. Will try to do better in future.

Wore the new sweater that is so soft it's like wearing kittens, but kittens who have been dyed the precise color of green/yellow pond scum. Delicious!

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