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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Congratulations, President Dean!
... sorry, Chairman Dean. Sigh...

It's Official

The Democratic Party has finally caved to inevitable change and done what in retrospect it should have done last year, supported Howard Dean for president. That probably goes for me, too, tho with the current primary system, by the time Illinois rolls around, it's moot. I was never really sure who I wanted to support, and so was torn between saying f*ck em all and saying yes, please, anything the party wants.

One thing that consistently came out in our assessment of what went "wrong" this time was that repubs kept saying, "at least Bush stands firm for something," (like torture and slaughter and hypocrisy and..." and many dems agreed. They wanted to know in their gut what someone was, even if they didn't like them. With this in mind, I think a lot of Bush people secretly liked Dean and would have crossed to someone who clearly "stood for something," even if it was just because they'd all heard the Dean Scream.

And he's news. And will continue to be news. Does anyone know what outgoing chair Terry McAuliffe even looks like? Is he likely to host Saturday Night Live? Do you tune in to a show because he's going to be on?

Well anyway, this is a good time to see how he's able to lead a rag-tag bunch of adventurers into the next electoral cycle. And then maybe the country will know him better and we'll have a real chance at change.


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