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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Liliana Porter at Carrie Secrist
The blurb in Artforum probably isn't driving the masses to this show, and I couldn't find any local coverage for it anywhere, but if you're not familiar with Porter's work, you should be. This is an artist who has been around a long, long time, as a photographer and installation artist. These are not cutsey setups. I guarantee you will not look at the clutter on your dresser or bathroom shelf the same way.

For example, here is something from across the room from me. I've been looking at this little grouping for awhile, thinking I should paint it. I can't remember where half the crap in my house came from. My father (who painted) used to pick up doo-dads here and there, so I have all his stuff, stuff the lady who previously owned this house left behind, and things I just had to have.

I didn't consciously arrange this scene. I believe the figures naturally fell into conversation with each other.

Porter's work is much, much better, however. For example:

Her most recent work is now spilling out of the picture plane and all over the gallery walls and onto the floor:

Anyway, it's up for another week. You should go. 2 of my favorite pieces have figures so tiny in relation to the wall space that they didn't really photograph well, but here's one:

I, too, have cracks in my plaster. I'm beginning to question reality.

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