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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Invisible Worlds at EAC, Part 1
Just looked at the time. Rats. They're closed right now, otherwise I would urge you to get off the couch and head over there right now.

All these pieces are "landscapes" or rather landscape elements or pieces or reassembled chunks of or marks or something. And who should be the first artist's work I saw walking thru the door but Molly Briggs's "Mary Poppins Trees" series (hot pink, white, gray, on birch) that I wrote about so favorably here. Can I call them, or what? But now I have pix, which I will show later after I unload and crop them, the time-consuming part.

And once again, all of these are works I wouldn't ordinarily like, when I have my representational hat on, or my anti-wallpaper-and/or-overly-designy hat on, but on a gray day these are tip top.

Looking closely at all of them you appreciate the complexity and care taken with texture vs. flatness, gesture vs. deliberate edge, color vs. lack of. Managed to chat with a few of the artists in the crush (mostly art students with notebooks -- since they stopped serving wine at these things, grownup attendance has dropped away dramatically).

It is gray and drizzling out. Here's a Molly Briggs tidbit to cheer you up:

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