Fresh Paint
Friday, February 25, 2005
A Year Ago Today
...Fresh Paint was born. She will be marking the occasion with an open bar on the Lido deck, pancake buffet until noon, make-your-own-sub through the afternoon hours, then Crab-Fest! plus dancing till dawn to the hot hot disco sounds of Three Brained Monkeys.

Still painting, still printmaking, still sweaters, and still want to get That Man out of office.

Good morning, all. Few of my pictures from the SAIC Ox-Bow Benefit last night turned out due to arm jiggling, or someone walking in front of me just as the focus was focussing.

This guy was selling scholarships-in-a-can (filled with promos and coupons, reportedly.)

I liked this little painting by Susanna Coffey, who generally does self-portraits with real blush on the cheeks, but it was way out of my price range early.

Night was somewhat sleepless due to me eating a half-dozen* or more traditional, turtle, and non-traditional brownies supplemented with chocolate frosting, chips, and peanut butter, washed down with strong coffee and a handful of chocolate-covered coffee beans on the way out the door. I'm surprised I'm not still driving.

So will post this. The wheel moves forward into another year.

*yes, really

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