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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Cowboy Brief
This shot from the Ox-Bow benefit was stuck in my camera and only just tumbled out. It's called "Surreal Cowboy Boots," a pair of ceramic vases by Tom Bartel.

Yes, I covet these, too. I should have bought them and sent them to French President "Cowboy" Chirac in GWB's name as a big thank you for some good ranch-hand grub:
The two men shared a working meeting, a photo op and dinner: lobster risotto with truffle sauce, filet of beef with bordelaise sauce, plus chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.
The NYT continues,
After the lobster risotto with truffle sauce and alongside the filet of beef with bordelaise sauce was a side dish of potatoes. Mr. Bush announced that they were "French fries," one participant said. No longer would thin slices of potatoes cooked in oil be "freedom fries."
Why does Bush hate freedom?

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