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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Well, maybe not exactly tomorrow, but soon, soon.

Huge flakes of snow coming down now. I would show you a picture, but my camera is in the car and I'm wearing comfy, warm slippers at the moment, the big pink ones.

And I can't show you proofs of one of the monotypes I'm working on either, since I left everything in the studio.

Another series popped into my head recently, however, since I need to get my hair cut. One of the other printmakers took some pictures of my hair, so I can get a before/after thing going, or a highly narcisistic narrative about haircutting, Delilah, "Woman's crowning glory," etc.

Here's the hair, and why it needs cutting:

My Hair

I was wearing a dark shirt. She kept saying, "There isn't enough contrast!" so she had me put a sheet of newsprint under the stuff to show it off. The resulting pictures (especially when photoshopped) are interesting, to say the least. I wanted to start in right away with a little painting, but the studio was SO COLD this morning.

Ah, me.

Eventually I must leave the house, so may be back later with camera and pix.

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