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Friday, March 19, 2004
No Cats
I was in the middle of typing a moving entry about what happened exactly a year ago when a friend and I were planning to go do the Friday gallery scene for Michael Paxton's opening at Byron Roche, when I turned on the TV and fell to the floor with, yes, Shock and Awe, as I watched a city and populace be blown to pieces.

And then I started in with, You don't hear that phrase much since it was last heard on like Jimmy Kimmel Live (if I ever saw the show at all), and it would have been about 7 months ago.

So I started talking about what I did do, which was oddly enough, go to church. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've done so, including weddings and funerals, but so I did. A chapel near me was open, so I went in, then tried to figure out what to do now that I was there. Just sitting silently, trying not to hate or feel despair, try to think of other people for a change, etc., when someone else came in and sat in the back silently too.

But just as I went to save the entry my network gave out -- WiFi is wonderful, but somewhat unreliable from where I am sitting at the moment.

So is gone now. I was deep in the memory of the past and don't know that I can recreate it. I know it started out with Friday Cat Blogging at Calpundit, yes, and Kevin Drum's move to a new web log here, and apparently not being able to bring the cats with him. And then something about promising to finish the Right Front of the sweater last night, and now you'll never believe me ever again, because I didn't get it done.

Trust me, it was really well-written too.

Back to a year ago, I must finish: still not really sure what I was doing there, I turned to leave the church, and saw that the person sitting in the back row was a woman, wearing a hijab, and was rocking and silently crying. And I felt like such a shit, not only for myself, but for my country, too.

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