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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Not All Politics, All The Time
Honestly, it won't be. I've started the decreases at underarm and neckline on the sweater front (the right front, remember?) And I've been working on a painting. But it seems like the Rovian Empire has suddenly started playing super hard ball in this Happy Anniversary week, trying to make us forget that democracy can bring down a government faster than bullets. 76 Percent of Spaniards decided to kick their Bush-Equivalents out of office, and our own equivalents are terrified. And now Poland is beginning to become restive.

This is such supreme bad news to the Rovians that the things that crawl around at the bottom of the cage are desperate to blame anyone but themselves for it, calling Spain appeasers, and terrorists, and cowards. Whiners, all of them, and I can hardly wait for November to kick their sorry asses out of office.

We had such a high moment with Barack Obama's huge victory in the Illinois Senatorial Primary this week that it's hard to remember that people in the red states are made to believe that however they may vote, their votes will be meaningless, so why bother -- that the power of the powers that be is just too overwhelming. In Illinois, just about every columnist and pundit was wrong, or off by a large margin, or blamed it on black people or liberals or Latinos or Chinese or women, like we're not actually real and it's all our fault and if you just "factored us out" x would happen. I won't even link to the column that was spewing this, it made me so mad.

Well, I'll never sit mute again (as you can plainly see). I guess there's something to be said about getting older, that you really don't give a flying f*** about that kind of cr** again. Though I'm too much of a lady to actually swear...

And people in the red states shouldn't sit mute, either. They can always blog and vote, and eventually we'll get there.

I will try to finish knitting this section tonight, and report back later. Only one sleeve to go.

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