Fresh Paint
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Proudly Standing on Dais, Just One Step Down...
Yes, Fresh Paint came in second place, though Eric Zorn seems to think he's tied with me (hey, a point better is a point better. Just ask President Gore).

If I had believed in Obama even more strongly I would have pulled out ahead, and if I had not given the Republicans so much credit for wanting a nice, easy-going guy in office, I would have been unbeatable. The days of when it was only your parents and grandparents who voted for nice "I like Ike" types is way over, and I keep forgetting it. Memo to self.

You can find the rest of the horses at the Tribune link to the right (yes, it is to the right, isn't it?)

But even though I was wrong in the actual numbers, I got the feel of the turnout right. It was historically high in the city and suburbs for a primary, and strong downstate too.

So it's back to the knitting, painting, and printmaking for awhile, I guess, until the next political atrocity, which is surely just around the corner.

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