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Monday, March 15, 2004
The Latest on Obama
Chicago Tribune | Eric Zorn's Notebook:

The Copley News yesterday released the results of what is likely to be the last pre-election poll.

The news chain's survey of 400 likely Democratic primary voters and 400 likely Republican primary voters showed pretty much what every other poll has been showing -- big leads for Democratic state Sen. Barack Obama and Republican investor/teacher Jack Ryan:


Barack Obama, 37%
Dan Hynes, 18%
Blair Hull, 16%
Maria Pappas, 8%
Gery Chico, 5%
Nancy Skinner, 1%
Joyce Washington, 1%
(undecided, 14%)

[don't care about the Republicans]

Eric is also doing a prediction contest on the final figures. His column is a treat to read. Plus he's a great contra/square dance caller (I have danced to his calling many times here. If I can get my s*hit together by 9:00, will post my predictions and enter his contest. If not, not.

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