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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Like Bubble Wrap for Giants
...what is the new packaging material from Amazon like?

Discovered that the best place in my house for signal strength for the Wi-Fi card is in my bedroom. More specifically, with me lying on my stomach typing away. Just a second ago the rarely sighted, extremely shy "green bars" have been appearing on the connection thingy in the tool bar, and it has been a steady 5.5 Mbps for the last hour.

Now, if only I could bring the new scanner/printer to bed with me too, I would never have to leave the covers. Have been scanning slides much of the night and fiddling with them endlessly. Little thumbnails look like jewels. Will start to upload some of them to a web page over the next few days so you can get a better idea what my artwork really looks like, other than the "Fresh Paint Logo" up at the right (which wasn't intended as such, just a linking test, but looks good, so it's staying).

You may have guessed that my final shipment arrived recently, a combo printer/scanner/copier/faxer/blackhole where time drains more quickly and uselessly than elsewhere in the universe. I used to get my obsessive tweaking kicks by playing with the screen properties page and going from Desert to Lilac to Spruce to Marine and all the compulsive variations on backgrounds, scrollbars, etc.

Am now in Spruce, since staring at a glaring white screen has been giving me a headache (because I've been looking at it about 29 hours a day during this honeymoon period -- and now we're in bed together). I was so afraid when I switched to XP that I'd have to enter and stay in the bright balloon world with goofy popups yammering away and dogs fetching help in Office, and butterflies, and so was happy to see that I didn't have to be cheerful, or learn anything new, not really (I used to be with NT Workstation).

Update, days later:

Scanned a whole bunch of slides and just couldn't keep my mitts off tweaking even unto the pixel level. Then decided to print them. Oh, mama! Since I had been tweaking away in the dark under the covers, or while watching TV, or with screen turned down because of headache, what looked beautiful and jewel-like, but subtle on the screen turned out like something you might buy in the Bad Art department of a Hobby Lobby. Which brings up the next topic of discussion:

Ambient Light, or What Is Reality?

A discussion for another day, since I'm beat.

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