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Sunday, March 07, 2004
Illinois Senate Race Attracts 7 Candidates in Millionaire Range
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I'm not one of them, unfortunately, but this is a pretty good article nonetheless. Regardless of what you think about Blair Hull, he's done a service to the Democratic Party as a whole for basically buying time to put forth an agenda of jobs and healthcare issues that could be found nowhere else in the early days when Bush was the "popular wartime president" and it seemed illegal to say boo about him. And at no cost to the Democratic Party or to other candidates, either. But if you do happen to be a millionaire, you might think about Barack Obama:
Win or lose, Mr. Hull has shaken up the race in significant ways. His free spending, for example, has triggered an election-law provision known as the "millionaire's amendment," which allows his opponents to collect as much as $12,000 from each contributor, six times the normal limit.
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