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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Why I Am Up This Late
I have just married a new laptop computer. The romance is deep and abiding. It has more memory than I do, and many more features too, even though I am 2 pounds heavier than it is. The most amazing thing it has is Wi-Fi, and I apparently live near enough to a fast and free connection that I don't have to wander around with a tether any longer. This is the way life should be lived.

I spent much of the day trying to transfer the settings from my current ISP on the old desktop (which is about 8 years old, but still pretty spry for an oldster), to the new by way of their call center in India, which I couldn't make understand that I had the old version of the software, but needed new settings, plus I had forgotten my password. They were very nice people and seemed as upset as me that they didn't have the knowledge in their knowledge base to help me, but, still... I wanted to hear a nice, nerdy, tech voice.

So decided to try this Wi-Fi thing just for fun and it started immediately and flawlessly, though the signal isn't too strong. I just about flung away the manuals and help-screens and scrawled notes from various attempts at trying stuff from the wired ISP out the window.

So now I can join the rest of the world that downloads quantities of free music and porn in mere seconds (true -- check out my new link to the Midnight Special site -- tons of great websites for folk music, independent artists, etc.).

Speaking of which, I hadn't listened to the program in maybe 5 years until the other night, and they were playing a goodly number of anti-Bush and other subversive material. High point was wonderful parody by Russ Thomas -- I'm the President (and I'm OK) (Monty Python/Russ Thomas) Free Lunch FL-7503. No link, but he has an email. Go to the site and find it. Hope this show gets rebroadcast at some point.

That's it. Not even I can make love all night long, so my new spouse and I will be going to bed.

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