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Sunday, February 29, 2004
But You Promised Politics, Too
Have updated list of links at the right, and will try to add more as I find them, especially for the Illinois races. If anyone has other Illinois suggestions, please let me know. I think several Democrat seats can be picked up, regardless of what the New York Times says:

Democrats Scale Back Ambitions for House

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 — Strategists, independent analysts and House members of both parties say that after a decade out of power, Democrats are unlikely to reclaim control of the House in November.

Many Democrats now concede that their immediate goal is far less ambitious: to narrow the divide so they have a better chance of recapturing the House in 2006.

"Do I think we are going to take it back? No," said Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois. "But I think we are setting it up not to slide backward, but to move forward."

Man, this headline made me angry! Come on, Rahm! Get out in the street and actually talk to people. If everyone stays this cynical, the Democrats will continue to lose again and again.

Another minute and I'll be sputtering and incoherent.

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