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Sunday, March 07, 2004
A Revelation
As I mentioned before, have been spending much time over the past few days downloading mp3s, sweater patterns, interesting art and other neat stuff, since I have this fast Wi-Fi connection (I still don't know where it's coming from -- possibly the school nearby? -- but I thank them every minute -- and more on the concept of the virtual Wi-Fi booth later...).

Then realized, why should I be paying for storage, since all these places can just be easily accessed with a click? Do I really need to hoard all these knitting patterns when it takes me months to knit one? Won't they still be there (many of the sites (I've found haven't been updated since cro-Magnon times)) (remembered to close my parentheses correctly, as an ex-nerd should) (though should space it out on the page better -- 5 off for style points)? Anyway, here's a great starting point for offline-storage knitting links:

Free Pattern Sites (handknitting) - Knitting at BellaOnline

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