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Friday, March 12, 2004
We Were Just Blogging About This The Other Day...

John Kerry for President - Kerry Launches New "D-Bunker" Web Site
Kerry Launches New “D-Bunker” Web Site to Help Supporters Beat Back Misleading Bush Attacks

March 11, 2004

For Immediate Release
Washington, DC –

Today John Kerry said he stands by his comments yesterday about the right-wing smear machine. He saw what they did to John McCain in South Carolina, and Max Cleland in Georgia. Now, they’re coming after him, and he’s not going to take it.

In keeping with that, the Kerry campaign is launching a new rapid-response website to help supporters beat back the right-wing smear machine. The “D-Bunker” website, linked to www.johnkerry.com, is our new rapid response center on the web. It will serve to debunk lies and distortions both on and off-line.
Hesiod at Counterspin was talking about the need for this just the other day, and posted a link to a less official site in a parallel universe here.

And they say no one listens to us...

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