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Sunday, March 14, 2004
A Year Ago
I was sorting through old messages today and found some from a year ago, back when we were so innocent that we thought we really could stop the march to war. Here's from a message from Moveon.org on March 14th about candlelight vigils scheduled for Sunday, the 16th:
Beginning in New Zealand, these locally organized candlelight vigils will circle around the globe. They'll be beautiful, powerful, and inspiring. They'll send an eloquent and clear message that the world wants peace. And they'll be supported by many religious leaders -- including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner -- who will help to articulate the moral case against war.

Never before have so many coordinated vigils taken place around the globe. We have the opportunity on Sunday to show just how the world feels about the war on Iraq...

Does anyone remember? I do. And the vigil was beautiful, and it was moving. I read this message and the following one and cried, thinking of all we know now of the lies and manipulations of the Bush administration:

(from Tuesday, March 18, another message from Eli and friends:)
Dear MoveOn supporter,

It now appears that a war may be very close. The Bush
administration has abandoned the diplomatic process at the
United Nations. The United Nations has begun pulling its
inspectors out of Iraq. President Bush has given Saddam
Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq or face war. This is a very
sad day.

We must remember in this dark moment that we have come a long
way. By working for peace around the globe, millions of
people have successfully challenged the justness of this war
on a world stage. We have persuaded governments to heed their
peoples' call to peace, and helped the United Nations maintain
its integrity. We all have been part of a historic
mobilization of the citizens of the globe. It will change
everything. And in the end, we will win.

We will continue waging peace, even if war comes. We have
joined together to articulate a vision of how the world should
be -- of how nations should treat each other, of how we can
collectively deal with threats to our security.

One simple way to show your continued commitment to this
vision is to put a light in your window. It could be a
Christmas string or candle, a light bulb, or a lantern. It's
an easy way to keep the light of reason and hope burning, to
let others know that they are not alone, and to show the way
home to the young men and women who are on their way to Iraq.

I think it's time to light another candle.

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