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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
When I woke up this am, intending to write a rousing GOTV post, I looked out the window, wept a little, then went back to sleep. It's snowing here in Illinois on Primary Day, usually not a good thing. So, people, don't decide to sit this one out. Get out there and prove my predictions weren't goofy. I have been included in Eric Zorn's Blog-off, one of a field of only nine blogsters, coming in with (I think) the highest, possibly most naive prediction of voter turnout in history (46 percent -- was picking up the good vibe from the Spanish election, where the turnout was 76 percent).

So, if you haven't yet, get out there and vote, and in particular please Vote for Barack Obama, a very good man.

Links to the rest of the predictions can be found here.

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