Fresh Paint
Monday, March 21, 2005
Nothing like painting all day (most of it, at least) and then taking a shower to get warm as much as to get clean. Finally realized if I stayed back there without at least another sweater I was seriously at risk for hypothermia. It was a little sunny today, but still right around freezing. Still see nothing growing in my yard, and I don't think the bunny has had a chance to eat my tulip yet.

Nothing to show you yet (again, camera is out in the car and I'm still dripping wet). But I want you to commend me for going back in to the painting and working on it, rather than say, oh, it's loose and gestural and that's how I like it. I will never learn if I keep doing the comfortable and familiar.

So, loaded up the brushes and flattened all the colors and tried to keep everything fairly clean. Needed to bring some color it, so pulled some yellows into the background, some violets into the face, and colors into the black of the hair. Keeping hard edges on one half, and a tangled mess of hair and hand on the other. Need to put some red in shadows and around fingertips, soften the hair at the scalp line a little, and harden up a few more edges, and then it'll be done and will look like nothing else I've done which is good.

I think.

24 is on shortly. Yes, I'm one of those. Have to take out the trash now. Maybe will go get the camera at the same time. Maybe not.

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