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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Action Agenda Item
I have been oblivious lately to political stuff. I apologize for the late notice. If you are in downtown Chicago today, you may want to drop by the Schwab office on Wacker and express your disapproval at their support for privatizing Social Security. From a Moveon.org email:
Today, you can join a noon protest outside the offices of investment broker Charles Schwab--urging them to drop their support for privatization and pull out of pro-privatization lobbying groups.

What: Demonstration against privatization of Social Security

When: Thursday, March 31 at 12 Noon

Where: Charles Schwab Store at 150 S. Wacker Drive; Chicago, IL
Those of you with accounts with them should also be upset that they are using fees and commissions generated by your transactions to fund this endeavor. To be honest, I hadn't thought about it from this point of view and will be sending off a few letters to some of my financial "partners" later on.

Good morning, folks. Will post this so you have a chance to arrange your luncheon plans accordingly, and get back to you later.

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