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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
The Blonds Have to Go
... on American Idol. I think the kid will go this week. Ever since he got rid of his glasses he's thought too much of himself and started winking at the audience, what I hated about Clay Aiken. Plus I can't ever remember his name, and he's too young. Not fond of the blond girl, either, since Simon loves her so much. Yes, she can sing, but she has zero charisma.

And wife-beater Scott (girlfriend beater, actually, but the mother of his child) shouldn't even be in the competition, after what has come out this past week. They got rid of the stupendous Frenchie Davis for showing up on a sexy website in her youth, and one or two others have been kicked off for weapons possession, etc.

But, of course, they all were black.

And yes, of course, I like Constantine the best, because he so very much doesn't need it and it's just a kick. But he lets us in on the secret, which is the fun part. Plus he's actually smart, and knows music.

So onward. I was wrong last week. Will probably be wrong this week, and they'll get rid of Vonzell, who is good but often a bit generic.

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