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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Wintry Morn Report
It is hovering right around freezing at the moment and the sky has been spitting drizzle and/or snow in a fierce wind coming directly from the north. Luckily I hadn't put my knee warmers away for the summer, yet.

Check out the latest on the Axis of Evil show that I initially talked about down here:
"The art is still in place," said Tom Mazur, Washington spokesman for the Secret Service. "Nothing additional has transpired. We don't discuss our protective methods unless charges are filed."

This means that Al Brandtner's "Patriot Act," which shows a gun pointed at the head of President George W. Bush, has not (as was initially suggested by WFLD-Ch. 32) caused a scandal equal to the 1988 painting of Mayor Harold Washington in women's underwear, and none of the 47 artists had their works seized or incurred legal action (as was initially feared by curator/artist Michael Hernandez de Luna).
The gallery is getting about 200 visitors a day, according to this Alan Artner piece. A reminder: it's up until May 11 (and so happily will run thru the entire Art Chicago/ Navy Pier/ Young Art/ Whatever schedule. I feel so exhausted just thinking about it).

Good morning, friends. Went to the gescheidle opening last night and will be back later with thoughts (good show).

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