Fresh Paint
Friday, April 22, 2005
You may wonder what I'm doing up so early, or whether I never made it to bed last night.

Just sleepless, is all. Worked on the painting of this hair thing yesterday, woke up and had to look at it again.

The camera, of course, is in the car, else I might show you the work in progress. Maybe not. For me, things I take pictures of "in progress" tend to stay that way, so I have half-completed stuff all over the place -- or, if you prefer, fresh, lively, and not-overworked stuff all over the place.

And I think the compressor on the refrigerator is gone. I have no ice, the milk has thickened, the yogurt has a fuzzy skin. Luckily I don't cook all that much. Since I've got the toaster, much of what I've been eating has been peanut butter-based. Have transferred the half-and-half to the "freezer".

Will go look at the painting again. It's a lot more complex than the earlier hair thing. Suppose it doesn't have to be, but I enjoy a challenge.

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