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Monday, April 25, 2005
Print Progress
Good Monday, friends. Spent literally all day today putting lips on faces and not really liking the result. Wrong shape, too red, too dark, too light -- the usual problems. But will continue with them regardless, and perhaps try to put hair and skin on them like in my prototype.

And did a number on my naked lady. So have something I'm calling "Nude Spring" (because of the spring-like colors plus the nude):

And I have face in the woods too, that I might call "Woodsy Face," or something:

I think it would look better if it was wider on the right, but it was very smudgy, so I cropped it.

I kinda like both of these, so may attempt to do them again, only cleaner. If not, they'll be monotypes -- like most of what I do. I get bored just printing a single image, I'm afraid, and always try to "save" a print that's under or over inked. This is why I don't really consider myself a printmaker, since real printmakers think nothing of pulling a perfect edition of 50 at the drop of a hat.

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