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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
The Times Discovers Life Drawing, Part 2
And here's another odd Times article. Are they doing a series?

Nudes on Stage, and Music to Sketch By
On a recent Tuesday night, about 75 people crowded into the third-floor dining room of a private club in a Manhattan town house.

Some flocked to a small, noisy bar in the front, others to a rollicking party spilling out into a rear garden. The drinks flowed freely, and a jazz band struck up a lively blues number. A couple near the bar began swing dancing.

When two svelte women stepped up onto a small stage in the center of the room and dropped their robes, their nude bodies hardly attracted a glance from the two groups. But another group, clustered around the stage, became rapt and stared intently and unabashedly at the women, fixating on the contours, lines, creases, shadows and proportions of their bodies.
Son of a gun, they're drawing them gals!

Now, admittedly the Zelda Fitzgerald-like atmosphere at a life-drawing session isn't what we see up here in Chicago all that often, but this is the second article they've done recently about the wonders of figure drawing. Like they just discovered it's been going on! In this day and age! We're not all stuffing sharks in tanks! And even those who are, sometimes like to draw!

(check out the first article here via NewsGrist).

Good evening, friends. Didn't get a whole bunch done tonight. Dithering too much about what I want to put in an upcoming show and what not. All will be revealed soon, most likely. Nite nite.

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