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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Just Back From NOVA
... and there's still time for you to get down there. It's officially open until 6 pm today, but not tomorrow. No signs on the Washington side of the venue (a transmission shop) but a big one on the Peoria side, entrance near the Gitelson car you may have heard about, so you have no excuse. It's only 5 bucks to get in and there's plenty to see. I suggest slowing down and actually looking at some of the pieces, rather than going for the big picture. A lot of so-so stuff, a lot of awful stuff, but some stellar stuff too. Best part (besides the pancakes individually branded with love and yumminess) is the diversity and energy, a quality sadly lacking from the show in the park (at least from the more traditional galleries).

It's a funky location. Wendy Cooper and Bodybuilder and Sportsman are open today too (drawings at both locations worth seeing). You have time! GO!

Be back later with Final Thoughts, Etc., but now must touch up my roots in preparation for the Line Drive reception (see below).

I took lots of pix, but, as always, they're in the car.

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