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Friday, April 29, 2005
And So It Begins.... Art Exhaustion, Day One
On top of the Navy Pier thing and art in the park, I didn't realize there was something going on at Merchandise Mart too.

A friend and I are doing the park today. Am not planning on doing the pier (even though we have lovely, free, VIP tickets for it too). Good overview in Sun-Times article below is the first I found today, tho am sure we'll see stuff all over the place. Will attempt the NOVA thing tomorrow.

Art lovers can feast on fests

On top of it all, I have work in a show opening on Sunday (the prints I was slaving over). Full disclosure: it's at the Line Drive Gallery that I kinda slammed earlier before I found out that the EAC printmakers were going to show stuff there. It's not juried so it will be a very ahem diverse mixed bag. From what I saw when I dropped stuff off there's a lot of studio nudes, etc. The opening is from 4-8pm on Sunday, 1255 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL. Phone (847) 570-0802. They still have no web presence.

Am well rested, however, since I didn't watch George last night on TV (and so get my innards into a knot, or spend the night fruitlessly clicking on instant polls).

And a reminder: those of you in Milwaukee can take the bus down to Chicago via the very fine services of the Hotcakes Gallery. How's that for convenience?

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