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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Democrats May Delay Alito Nomination Vote
Reid "feels that since this is a lifetime appointment, senators deserve the time to carefully judge his qualifications before they cast their vote," said his spokesman, Jim Manley.
Well, yuh...

If he gets in, I'll probably have to become a states-rights-er. Luckily my state is nearly pure blue at this point, and though I don't find our Governor Rod Blagojevich the most cuddly of individuals, he has stepped up for the right for women to expect to get a prescription for contraceptives filled when they go to the pharmacy. This is the only law like it in the country. Walgreens even (where I will shop till I drop in appreciation) suspended some pharmacists over the summer (who are now suing) who claimed "conscience" in not filling some Plan-B prescriptions. I've been wondering whether the sudden "conscience" was paid for by the Republican Party.

This wasn't supposed to be a campaign commercial for the guv (though March 21st is indeed looming), so I'll end it now.

In the matter of Alito: stall, stall, stall. The more we hear about him (except all the boo hoo hoo crap about the wife, which has NOTHING to do with HUBBY's qualifications, and only means that for once the Dems did their job, the darn meannies) the more detestable he becomes. Just the idea that he'd join an organization whose entire purpose was to keep Princeton woman-free and purely white, then "not inhale" about it (or maybe he did or it didn't mean anything) tells me that, while he sounds like a perfect Republican, he doesn't sound like a Supreme Court Justice.

What is really driving me nuts is that all at once, every headline, every news service, everywhere was suddenly spewing forth the same story, that Alito was suddenly assured confirmation. If you Google these phrases, you'll find thousands and thousands of hits.

Please, senators. Do not confirm this guy. He's bad news. And don't tell me you have to confirm him because Bush will just come up with someone worse. You can keep not confirming and blocking as long as you want. Maybe Sandra Day O'Connor will decide not to retire until next year.

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