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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Absolute Corruption Corrupts Absolutely
Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up
The government is secretly trying to stifle attempts by MPs to find out what it knows about CIA "torture flights" and privately admits that people captured by British forces could have been sent illegally to interrogation centres, the Guardian can reveal. A hidden strategy aimed at suppressing a debate about rendition - the US practice of transporting detainees to secret centres where they are at risk of being tortured - is revealed in a briefing paper sent by the Foreign Office to No 10.
This is awful. The Brits are now forced to help us do our lying:
On December 7 - the date of the leaked document - Charles Kennedy, then Liberal Democrat leader, asked Mr Blair when he was first made aware of the American rendition flights, and when he approved them. Mr Blair replied: "In respect of airports, I do not know what the right hon gentleman is referring to."
Hmmm.... does this have anything to do with the recent destruction of Kennedy and his removal as Lib-Dem leader? (yes, I know it's a drinking problem plus lack of charisma, but still.... it makes you think...)

I note that not a word of this is in today's NYT or WaPo.

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